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Goodbye, Island. Hello, Kitchen Table

By Janell Beals

The now-ubiquitous island began making an appearance in kitchens as early as the 1950s. Over the years, islands have risen to the top of kitchen wish lists during house hunts and renovations. However, some people like the idea of substituting the island with a large table instead. This could be due to the renewed love affair with the American farmhouse or the desire to bring back nostalgic ideals embodied by the old-style “eat-in” kitchen. The pros of having a kitchen island are numerous, and the feature isn’t going away in the foreseeable future. But for those in a position to decide between the two, here’s the case for the eat-in kitchen table.

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How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets, One at a Time

By Becky Harris on October 31,2019

Kitchen cabinet doors and drawers can hide a multitude of sins. On the other hand, it’s a real treat to open them up to see nice, organized shelves where everything is easy to grab when and where you need it. Is it time to organize your kitchen cabinets? It can be a big job, so don’t try to do it all at once. Take your organizing one kitchen cabinet at a time, committing an hour a day or a weekend to the task.

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Your Guide to a Farmhouse-Style Bathroom

By Laura Gaskill on September 19,2019

Whether you’re tackling a bathroom remodel with the help of a bathroom designer, an architect or a contractor, being able to pin down your favorite style will help get your project off to a smooth start. If you love practical simplicity with a bit of modern flair and a dash of rustic charm, farmhouse style might be right for you. Read on for the need-to-know details about this popular bathroom style, including key elements, color palettes, fixtures and finishing touches.

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Why Fall Is the Best Time for Planting

By Benjamin Vogt on September 04,2019

Fall is the best time to garden, and it’s about time we realized this. Not only is cooler weather easier on new plants and tired bones, but planting in a spent garden with rain on the horizon also has advantages. Here’s more on why planting in fall can make spring gardens more robust than we might have imagined.

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Get Your Home Organized This School Year

By Laura Gaskill

Seeing old friends, meeting new teachers and saying goodbye to summer (waah!). The beginning of the school year is a flurry of activity and mixed emotions. Make this transition as smooth as possible for kids and yourself by spending some time putting smart systems in place around the house. From gathering lunch-making supplies and keepsake boxes to organizing wardrobes, hanging backpack hooks and more, here are 13 tasks to check off your list for a home that’s ready for the first day (and beyond).

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